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Healthier Animals

Cozi-Bed's lime content makes the pH unattractive to bacteria, leaked fluids are rapidly absorbed allowing the udders to be kept clean and dry which helps keep mastitis at bay. Cozi-Bed is screened and graded removing any oversized materials, this reduces hock damage and helps keep cows more comfortable.

Environmentally Friendly

Cozi-Bed is manufactured from 100% recycled newspaper which would otherwise have been destined for landfill.


Buying Cozi-Bed directly from the manufacturers means that you are cutting out the middle man. Available year round in loads sizes to suit with fast nationwide delivery.

New Name

New name, same great products

New name, same great products - NEW WEB SITE COMING SOON


Quality Kiln Dried Livestock Bedding and Blended bedding. We are now working with the great team at Strathmore Renewables and can now offer Strathmore Softbed and Softblend to our customers in the North East of England and Scotland

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