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Cow on bed

We all know Cows need to lie down

Increasing comfortable lying time is proven to increase milk production, ideally cows will lie down for up to 14 hours a day. A dairy cow lies down and stands up around 16 times every day that’s on average 6000 times in a year.

This is important because

• Cows rest and ruminates when they are lying down.
• Blood circulation through the cow’s udder can increases by as much as 30%.
• Cows rest their hooves and dry off so they and their beds stay clean

There are many factors that influence how often cows lie down including the health of the cow, the type of housing, the bedding and the number animals housed per square meter and even the weather.

Each time the cow lies down, she drops up to two-thirds of her body weight on her front knees. It is therefore extremely important to give her good quality bedding so she can lie down and stand up painlessly whenever she wants to. Cozi-Bed is screened and graded removing any oversized materials, it is then crumbled to a consistent size. This helps reduce hock damage and keep cows more comfortable.

Dry bedding helps to supress the growth of bacteria, which helps reduce the risk of mastitis. Cozi-Bed is produced from the waste fibres from paper recycling. It is kiln dried to at least 95% dry matter, the high temperatures used in the process kill almost all yeasts and moulds found in wet bedding, the low moisture level and high fibre content make it highly absorbent. Leaked fluids are rapidly soaked up allowing the udders to be kept clean and dry, this results in fewer flies and less odour.

Cozi-Bed already contains lime which contributes to a drier, healthier, more hygienic environment.