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Why use Cozi-Bed for Sheep and Goats?

Cozi-bed is not just for cows!

The Government states when housing sheep – “Dry, clean, comfortable conditions under foot
should be provided to minimise footrot and hygiene problems. Regular provision of fresh bedding is
particularly important at lambing time.”

Cozi-Bed is highlty absorbent and can be used as a base layer under straw to wick away moisture keeping the top coat dry. Cozi-Bed’s natural lime content and minimum of 95% dry matter means less bacteria growth, making it ideal in lambing or kidding pens.

Cozi-Bed is also great as a top coat for use round high traffic areas such as water and feed troughs. Helping keep hooves dry minimises the occurrence and spread of footrot.

Dairy herds can be bedded in much the same way as cows, keeping udders clean and dry for milking.

Lambs on Cozi-Bed
Lamb by hey Rack on Cozi-Bed
CoziBed and Straw