Drymatter Limited

Our Bedding:

• 95% dry matter makes Cozi-Bed super absorbent
• Made from recycled paper fibre -100% biodegradable
• Graded and processed to provide a consistent texture and particle size making it more comfortable for the animals and reducing the chance of hock damage
• The Lime content of paper makes the pH unattractive to bacteria which helps keep mastitis at bay
• Superior absorbency over other bedding materials
• Suitable for use in organic systems
• Year round availability and fast nationwide delivery

What is Cozi-Bed

Cozi-Bed is produced from the waste short fibres from paper recycling. This material is then kiln dried to at least 95% dry matter, the low moisture level and high fibre content make it highly absorbent. Leaked fluids are rapidly soaked up allowing the udders to be kept clean and dry.

Improved systems post production mean Cozi-Bed is screened and graded removing any oversized materials, they are then crumbled to a consistent size. This new system helps reduce hock damage and keep cows more comfortable.

How to apply Cozi-Bed:

Cozi-Bed is ideal as a bedding for use in Cubicles, Mattresses & Mats as well as Deep Bed systems
How to Apply Cozi-Bed.

Whether applying Cozi-Bed to a cubicle with mats or a deep bed use about 1.5-2kg per cow per day. It is best to clean off any waste lying on top of the bedding with a rake or stiff bristled yard brush before applying the daily layer.

With Deep bed systems a 150mm deep layer of Cozi-Bed offers excellent comfort and absorbency.

Loose housed animals can be housed on a bed of between 100mm to 200mm of Cozi-Bed.

If used in the above way, the cows will stay clean and dry, only a small amount will be carried off the beds. every farm systems is different and it may take a little time and experimentation to find the best method of usage for you.

Cow in cubicul and Cozi-Bed
Cow on Cozi-Bed
Cozi-Bed base layer