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Cozi-Bed ideal bedding for dairy herds

Since moving to Cozi-Bed cell counts have dropped significantly and the bedding stays on the beds where it should be, the cows seem very happy.


Mr Jones South Wales


Our Bedding:

• 95% dry matter makes Cozi-Bed super absorbent.
• Made from recycled paper fibre -100% biodegradable.
• Graded and processed to provide a consistent texture and particle size to help minimize hock damage and maximize cow comfort.
• Lime content of paper makes the pH unattractive to bacteria which helps keep mastitis at bay
• Superior absorbency over other bedding materials
• Year round availability and fast nationwide delivery

As Farmers ourselves we understand the pressures you are under at the moment with diminishing milk prices, we recognise that as a supplier to the dairy industry we must do all we can to mitigate the fall in revenues of our customers.

The benefit of buying Cozi-Bed directly from the manufacturers means that we can be more streamlined, efficient and most importantly reduce the price to you, the customer.
We firmly believe we can offer to you a product that is as good as if not better than the one you have been receiving over the years. This is because the same or superior raw materials are being used as well as being kiln dried through the same machinery. All this for a price that is more competitive and sustainable in the current climate.

If you have any questions and would like to talk to us or to order Cozi-Bed, then please contact us on 07484090110 to discuss your requirements and haulage prices. We will be on hand to deal with all your bedding needs.

Specifications and Datasheets

Cozi-Bed has been approved for use in orgainic systems by OF&G

Registration Number UKE0960

approved orgainc

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