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Cozi-Bed ideal bedding for dairy herds

“I’ve been using paper bedding for a while now, the cows seem cleaner and happier on Cozi-Bed compared to other beddings. As well as keeping my cell counts and mastitis at low levels, the added benefit of using Cozi-Bed is that it stays on the beds very well in comparison to sawdust. What I pay for doesn’t end up blowing away in the wind!”


Mr Richard Sainsbury Dorset

Our Bedding:

• 95% dry matter makes Cozi-Bed super absorbent.
• Made from recycled paper fibre -100% biodegradable.
• Graded and processed to provide a consistent texture and particle size to help minimize hock damage and maximize cow comfort.
• Lime content of paper makes the pH unattractive to bacteria which helps keep mastitis at bay
• Superior absorbency over other bedding materials
• Year round availability and fast nationwide delivery

Cozi-Bed is made from recycled paper fibre and heat treated to achieve 95% dry matter.

This makes Cozi-Bed super absorbent. Kiln dying helps reduce yeasts, moulds and pathogens in the bedding down to negligible levels. This makes the bedding an extremely hygienic option.

Slight alkaline pH makes it unattractive to disease causing pathogens.Year round availability

Available in bulk loads on walking floor or bulk tippers as well as smaller loads or tote bags to suit your farm.

Recommended use is 1.5-2kg per day per cow after an initial base layer is established

If you have any questions and would like to talk to us or to order Cozi-Bed, then please contact us on 07484090110 to discuss your requirements and haulage prices. We will be on hand to deal with all your bedding needs.

Specifications and Datasheets

Cozi-Bed has been approved for use in orgainic systems by OF&G

Registration Number UKE0960

approved orgainc

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