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DryMatter can dry a wide range of materials

DryMatter Ltd has processed a wide range of products over the years that have been of use in different industries.

We pride ourselves on the ability to turn around a large volume of product in a short period of time. By using highly efficient processes and equipment we ensure that the materials are of a consistent moisture content.

After the drying process has been completed, we have the ability to sieve and grade the dried product removing any oversized particles. The dried material is conveyed to our bulk storage shed ready to be transported to our customers. Our on site weighbridge and weight cells on the loaders ensure accuracy when loading.

Located in the heart of Cheshire just off junction 19 of the M6 we have excellent transport links and can load anything from tractors and trailers to large articulated lorries.

If you would like more information or to discuss contract drying opportunities please contact phil@drymatter.co.uk

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